Deeply researched

AMILI (BIO & ME's parent company) is the first microbiome company to use a unique Southeast Asian microbiome database and combines the knowledge of dieticians, scientists and doctors to create a distinctly Asian gut health program.

16s rRNA sequencing

In 16s rRNA sequencing, a targeted region (V3-V4) of the RNA in the small subunit of the bacterial ribosome is being sequenced. We also do our own in-house whole genome shotgun sequencing, which is the sequencing of microbe DNA – apart from bacteria, this includes viruses, fungi and other microbes.

Bioinformatics for gut microbiome profiling​

This involves the comparison of sequences with existing libraries of known sequences to identify known species of microbes. The pathways that bacteria take to produce certain chemicals and metabolites that interact with our body to affect our health are also identified through our bioinformatics pipelines.

Your gut microbiome is dynamic

The BIO & ME gut health test works like a DNA test. However, unlike your DNA, your gut microbiome is dynamic and can be changed (for the better!) as you tweak your diet and lifestyle. Regularly keeping track of your gut health helps you be sure you're making the right decisions for optimal wellbeing.

You have the final say

Each of your food recommendations is customised according to your microbiome profile, diet, and other health information – but they're not set in stone. Don't like beansprouts? No problem! Use our unique food database to find a replacement you love that's just as good for you.

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