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“I have really bad constipation where I don’t get to poop for like 6-7 days later. It turns out that my microbiome diversity is very poor. It’s interesting that they listed out foods to avoid and foods that are better for my gut. And yes, after you get your results, you can book a health coach to understand more in-depth about your body’s bacteria.”

Eliza C.

“I have a very bad gut, I think. Generally I don’t poop for a few days and if I do poop, my stomach hurts like mad. I went for a scope in 2017, but my doctor found nothing. Because of how weak my stomach is, I’m really excited to do this test to actually know how my gut health is.”


“My gut health is not performing very well and that is also because of poor lifestyle choices and I found that out through my consultation today. Health is a long term investment and journey. I don’t think I would have ever understood my gut health if I didn’t take the time to sit down with Dr Shreyas.”

Laanya E.

“Can I just show off that I have really really good gut health. And it's all thanks to BIO & ME. I've been using it for 2 months and my gut health has been top notch and has been amazing. And I got my results and I scored 4/5 stars.”

Arinah Z.

“Your digestive track is what digests everything that you put in your body. So it's very important to make sure that you have a good level of healthy microbiome inside your gut. Right now I’m still at GOOD, and I can potentially push it up to GREAT just by checking out my food recommendations & making sure that I incorporate them more into my diet.”

Joyce T.

“I often suffer a number of digestion issues, from constipation to indigestion. When BIO & ME reached out to share that have a Gut Health Test that will allow me to understand my gut health better in more detail and to also offer recommendations and solutions, I found that this is really good insights.”


Singapore’s First 'Triple Threat' Probiotics

We are the first in the region to enrich our probiotics with both prebiotics and postbiotics. This hat-trick of gut-friendly ingredients help ensure that the probiotic strains from our capsules flourish in your gut.


Your Microbiome's Diet

Provides nourishment for the probiotics, allowing them to 'stick to your gut and flourish.


Your Microbiome's Workers

Live bacteria that are essential for a healthy gut (and a healthier you) through the production of crucial metabolites.


Your Microbiome's Cheerleader

Encourages probiotic growth, while helping to regulate immune responses and to reduce inflammation.