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We support bacteria!

Gut health is closely connected to the gut microbiome – an essential collection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live in your intestinal tract. It is often referred to as the 'forgotten organ' and can weigh up to 2 kg (even heavier than your brain!). At BIO & ME, we believe good health starts with gut health, and we are excited to take you on this journey to discovering the world that lives inside you.


Simple, non-invasive,
and clean


Over 20 reports on your health and wellbeing


health coaching session


Personalised food recommendations based
on your microbiome

Our Gut Health Solutions

BIO & ME Probiotics

Enriched with prebiotics and postbiotics, our formulations are uniquely designed for individuals living in Asia.


Uniquely designed for people living in Asia


Targeted probiotic strains to help you meet your goals


Suitable for any diet
100% vegetarian


No additives
or GMOs

Hear from our customers!

I used to suffer from frequent diarrhea and am also an IBS patient. The probiotics helped alleviate these symptoms and I feel much better!

Mdm Lim

The Gut Health Test results were both actionable and easy-to-understand. I've tried similar tests before, and BIO & ME's offers the most balanced product.

Mr Song

I tried several remedies for my post-natal gut issues but BIO & ME was the only thing that worked! The gut health test results were comprehensive and the food recommendations were very useful. The probiotics have also alleviated most of my symptoms!

Mrs Chang